Mickey Mussett

Mickey Mussett
Photographer Credit: Jason McSherry

Title: Owner
Company: Ghost Rider Boots
Location: Denver, Colorado, United States

Mickey Mussett, Owner at Ghost Rider Boots, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in cowboy boot making.

The owner and head bootmaker of Ghost Rider Boots since 1999, Mr. Mussett is distinguished for his expertise in custom handcrafted cowboy boot making. After an illustrious 25 years as a copywriter in the advertising world, Mr. Mussett realized the culture of the industry had shifted and he was no longer suited for the profession he had made the focus of his life. While working several part-time jobs the thought came to him, “How do you get bright red leather?” After conducting some research, Mr. Mussett found a custom bootmaker in New Mexico, learned about the craft and decided this art would be his next step in his profession. While serving as an apprentice for six months, Mr. Mussett created his first pair of boots that bled red white and blue, and featured a Texas start in the front and wing-tipped lowers. Is advice to those looking to get into the craft is to, “have a fire in your belly” for the craft and cowboy community.

Since spearheading his business more than 20 years ago with his wife, Marie, there has not been one day that the duo did not have a pair of boots to make. Serving international, national and local clients, Mr. Mussett specializes in inlay boots, exotic leathers classic boots, logo boots, mules, foxing monogram boots, tooled boots, big book covers and boot ornaments. Mr. Mussett has received various awards in recognition of his impeccable work throughout the course of his boot-making career, and attributes his success to perseverance. In the boot-making process, there are 80 to 100 steps, which makes the craft very complex, but Mr. Mussett looks at each pair of boots as a thing of beauty and the heart of America, and takes his time in perfecting the quality and style of his creation. Looking ahead, the artisan hopes to continue working in his profession until he reaches 80 years of age. He is backed by a BA in political science from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas.

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