Steven Strong

Title: Founder and President
Company: Solar Design Associates
Location: Harvard, Massachusetts, United States

Steven Strong, Founder and President at Solar Design Associates, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in solar-powered energy.

At the age of eight, Mr. Strong began shadowing his father at project sites. He loved seeing his father work, which inspired him to succeed. However, he often struggled in school because he was born legally blind. Because of this, he signed up to take more shop and design classes as opposed to traditional coursework. He learned all about electricity and quickly discovered he was passionate about the field. In 1974, Mr. Strong took on the role of president and founder at Solar Design Associates in Harvard, Massachusetts. He has remained there since, continuing to demonstrate consistent success in his position.

A fellow of the American Solar Energy Society, Mr. Strong got involved in the solar energy field in the mid-1970s. This was a time when nobody else was thinking about the advantages of solar power. As a result, he and his company built up a reputation for a creative response to difficult issues. Solar Design Associates is unique in the fact that every employee is a licensed professional engineer and a registered architect, so they found early success by integrating solar power into their home designs. However, they quickly realized they could only design so many homes. As a response, Mr. Strong and his colleagues decided to help other architects to design stronger and more eco-friendly buildings. This decision proved to be beneficial, as Solar Design Associates has since built up an esteemed reputation in its field.

In light of his many accomplishments, Mr. Strong has received many awards, including the Inherit the Earth Award from Connecticut College. Further, he has been lauded as the Environmental Hero of the Planet by Time Magazine in the 1990s. Later, in 2007, he was featured in an article by the publication. Looking back on his illustrious career, Mr. Strong considers one of his greatest accomplishments to be his experience in creating the first solar-powered community in the developed world. He attributes much of his success to his commitment to his work. He loves what he does, and he does not see himself retiring any time soon.

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