Xingwu Liu

Title: Cultural and Medical Anthropologist
Company: Health King Enterprise & Balanceuticals Group, Inc.
Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Xingwu Liu, President at Health King Enterprise & Balanceuticals Group, Inc., has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in anthropology.

A native of China, Mr. Liu earned an undergraduate degree in English at Heilongjiang University. Commencing his career in China, he became a translator and project officer for China’s Ministry of Light Industry in various China- aid programs during which time he traveled and worked in many countries in the world. Experiences with diverse cultures led him to obtain a Master of Arts in South Asian studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Peking University in 1981. He became deputy director and associate professor with a special promotion at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,  and was elected a deputy secretary-general of the Chinese Association for Global Ethnic Studies and standing member of China Association for South Asian Studies. Upon his arrival to the U.S. to further expand his academic knowledge, Mr. Liu taught as a Fulbright Professor to Oregon State University and then as a visiting associate professor to DePaul University in Chicago. As he progressed in his career path and relocation, Mr. Liu has since excelled in researching and teaching cultural and medical anthropology. He was awarded an honorary fellow by the Society of Applied Anthropology and appointed to serve on the Collegiate Press Editorial Advisory Board in recognition of his achievement, leadership and service.  Mr. Liu also served as an international board member of Development Innovations and Networks based in Switzerland. Along with these appointments, he was named honorary president of Tough Dragon Academy of Calligraphy and Painting in Harbin, China. Mr. Liu attributes his grand career success to his efforts in trying to better the world.

Backed by his plethora of global cultural experience, Mr. Liu currently remains an adjunct associate professor at DePaul University. And, following the traditional Chinese Confucian social ideal that if you cannot become an able administrator you should be a fine doctor, Mr. Liu takes advantage of his knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and culture to promote general health, especially in terms of alimentotherapy, also known as food therapy. In 1994 he co-founded Health King Enterprise & Balanceuticals Group Inc, and serves as its president. Over the years his company has pushed hundreds of dietary and cosmetic products based on traditional Chinese medicine and nutrition on the market, many of which are becoming popular. He is among the first to introduce serialized TCM products among which are full line of herb teas, Balanceuticals formulas, seabuckwonders (both supplements and cosmetics), reishi, etc. Recently Mr. Liu has created a new and separate company called Alimentotherapy Research & Development Enterprise with himself as general manager, in order to fully realize his promise to bring the best from traditional Chinese medicine and nutrition. He is confident that traditional Chinese medicine, as one of the most outstanding medical traditions of world, that is wholistic in orientation, natural in material source and low cost in practice, nutrition-oriented in approach, with prevention as the primary focus, and balance as the objective, can and should be able to supplement and help conventional medicine to improve and safeguard general health. Through his companies, he is able to focus on educating consumers on health foods and dietary supplements based upon traditional principles in compliance with the FDA’s guidelines.

It is reported that the first product of Alimentotherapy Research & Development Enterprise has just come out: It is named as Instant Super Reishi Mycelium Drink under the trademark of Super Reishi Essence. The main ingredient came from reishi, the legendary “immortality herb” in traditional Chinese medicine and is designed to build up the immune system and balancing various functional systems of the human body. Mycelium is the baby stage of reishi mushroom. The drink is designed as a convenient food item easily incorporated into every life. It also makes a nice coffee-mate!

Outside of his primary roles, Mr. Liu is dedicated to providing his wealth of knowledge as a popular speaker on cultures, health, and nutrition. He has also contributed to a plethora of publications, including the United States’, “Encyclopedia of Medical Anthropology” in 2006 and China’s, “Chinese Encyclopedia” in 1986, which he calls the highlight of his career. Also from China, he has contributed to “World Peoples and Cultures Series” as deputy chief editor in 1991, “Toward Modernization” as co-chief editor in 1989, “New Encyclopedic Dictionary of Social Sciences” as editor in 1988 and “Encyclopedic Dictionary of Ethnology” as editor in 1984. More contributions to Mr. Liu’s credit include, “Chinese Great Lexicon,” “A Missing Link: Preparing Patient for Medication,” “Basics in Traditional Chinese Medicine,” “Tea in Chinese Culture,” “White Robe and White Cap: Identity Crises of Traditional Chinese Medicine,” “Llewellyn’s 2003 Herbal Almanac: Good Health the Chinese Way, and Treating Cardiovascular Disease with Traditional Chinese Medicine” and “The Ewenkis and Orequens, entries to Encyclopedia of World Cultures, HRAF 1994.”

Mr. Liu humbly welcomes and invites everyone with like mind and goals to join his efforts to better the world, in health, in cultures and in hope.

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