Viktor Prozapas

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Title: Owner
Company: Get Air Adrenaline Trampoline Park
Location: Galloway, Ohio, United States

Victor Prozapas, Owner at Get Air Adrenaline Trampoline Park, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in management.

In 1998, Mr. Prozapas came to the United States and began exploring several different career paths, soon finding a passion for construction. From 2004 until 2015, he acted as the owner of a construction company. During these years, Mr. Prozapas quickly realized that he thoroughly enjoyed working in a leadership position, leading him to seek more roles in upper management. In 2015, he traveled to visit a relative in Washington, where he learned about air trampoline parks. Though Mr. Prozapas was completely unaware of what they were at the time, when he found out, he knew he had to get in the business. In the years since making this decision, he has excelled as the owner of Boulevard Grill and Get Air Adrenaline Trampoline Park.

Outside of his business endeavors, Mr. Prozapas has remained dedicated to his education. In 2018, he graduated from the Salvik University of Washington with a Bachelor of Science in theology. Moreover, he hopes to attain a Master’s degree in the field in the future. Mr. Prozapas remains active in his civic community as well. He became a founding member of Today’s Mission in 2007.

Reflecting on his accomplishments, Mr. Prozapas attributes his myriad achievements to his hunger to establish himself as a well-respected individual in his field, as well as his ability to always see an opportunity. As a child, he played a game called Crusaders, in which he built a city and its economy. He credits this game to be one of his most important influences, as it taught him all about the different approaches to success. One of the key components of Crusaders was that the player could never win alone. He or she always needed a team of hard-working individuals with whom to work to do so. Mr. Prozapas has since found this to be true in his own life and he is grateful he learned about the importance of teamwork at a young age. In the coming years, he hopes to see his children, William and Viktor Jr., become successful in their own right.

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