Manfred Horst Maehler

Manfred Horst Maehler

Title: Executive Baker, Pastry Chef, Business Owner, Chief Executive Officer
Company: Maehlers Bakery Inc.
Location: Oceanside, California, United States

Manfred Horst Maehler, Executive Baker, Pastry Chef, Business Owner and Chief Executive Officer at Maehlers Bakery Inc., has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in baking.

Since his formative years, Mr. Maehler had always dreamed to run his own business based around his passion for baking. He would make sketches of a pastry shop and imagine himself opening the shop, along with having coffee served while reading a newspaper. Notably, Mr. Maehler has been the executive baker, pastry chef, owner and chief executive officer of Maehlers Bakery Inc. in Oceanside, California since 1959. He attributes his success to his drive and focus on his dream, as well as to the people who trusted him and believed in his abilities such as local farmers.

Looking back on his illustrious career, Mr. Maehler’s most notable achievement was meeting Hollywood movie stars. He was proud to publish a book about his life and dreams called “Life is a Journey of Dreams,” in an effort to encourage young people that if you have the drive and the desire you can make your goals come true. Giving back to his community, Mr. Maehler donates to local schools and to the Ronald Reagan Library. As a testament to his success, he has received exporting awards and was inducted as a member of the American Bakers Association. Mr. Maehler holds a Bachelor of Arts from a community college.

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