Veda Amelia Cooper

Veda Cooper

Title: Owner
Company: Next Level Enterprises
Location: Nottingham, Maryland, United States

Veda Amelia Cooper, Owner at Next Level Enterprises, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in real estate.

Upon graduating from a class of 30 at St. Francis Academy, Ms. Cooper went on to study education at college. However, life took a turn and she entered the real estate business, becoming the fourth generation in her family to practice the profession. Notably, Ms. Cooper has served as the owner of Next Level Enterprises, a real estate investment company, since 2015. Wearing several hats for her company, she aims to focus on the overage business, having also worked directly in the rehab aspect of real estate. Overage in real estate addresses the processing of those persons who have lost their homes to foreclosure and do not know they are due a refund. Ms. Cooper takes on the role of informing and guiding them through the process to receive their dues. She also helps them to re-establish themselves in getting another home.

Finding great success in her profession, Ms. Cooper has received numerous accolades for her work on various occasions. Most notably, the International Women’s Leadership Association honored her with prestigious roster inclusion for the Top Female Executives for the 2016 year. She cites her “Superbowl accomplishments” are the pinpoint of the important work she has done. Ms. Cooper attributes her success to the customization of ingredients that have enabled her to go from perception to manifestation. She also thanks her mother for being her inspiring, lifelong mentor and always pushing her to be her best.

In five years’ time, Ms. Cooper plans to continue working within the overage business, as well as collaborate with the correct professionals to utilize for restoration projects. She believes she has found the perfect profession in which she can express her skillsets and hopes to continue to flourish in the coming years. Additionally, she hopes to make time to travel the world and is pondering whether to write a book on her endeavors. Ms. Cooper received her Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University in 1981.

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