Joshua Casebolt

Josh Casebolt

Title: Owner
Company: Casey Electric LLC
Location: Newburgh, Indiana, United States

Joshua Casebolt, Owner at Casey Electric LLC, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in the field of solar electricity.

With unparalleled proficiency in his chosen field, Mr. Casebolt lends more than two and a half decades of industry experience to his role as the owner of Casey Electric LLC. First established in 2000 and committed to the principles of sustainable energy, the company seeks to expand the growth and development of solar energy as a viable alternative to dwindling oil supplies throughout the world. Boasting the expertise of several highly qualified and certified master electricians, Casey Electric provides its services on behalf of industrial, commercial and residential clients in erecting solar arrays that fit every individual customer’s requirements. Prior to his current endeavor, Mr. Casebolt served as an electrician and lineman for his local electrician’s union between 1995 and 2000.

Mr. Casebolt initially became involved in his profession due to family history in the profession. After working in the field for several years, he aspired to launch his own business and, with the support and encouragement of his family, felt that it was finally time to fulfill his career goals. Though his vocational path has been filled with many standout moments, Mr. Casebolt is most proud to have developed Casey Electric LLC into what it is now, with a number of well-trained employees to its credit and a consistently busy workload on behalf within the local region.

Well regarded for his indelible contributions to the field, Mr. Casebolt’s company was ranked at #33 among the Top 400 Companies in the Nation by Solar Power World in 2019. Long dedicated to civic advocacy within his community, he has since served as a coach for local wrestling programs. In accounting for his standout success, he credits his propensity for hard work and perseverance, as well as his strident attitude in doing whatever must be done to accomplish his work. Looking toward the future, he hopes that his sons will follow him into the field and continue expanding the scope and growth of Casey Electric. In offering his opinion to those who might wish to pursue a similar career in the field, Mr. Casebolt opines that, as long as one maintains a positive work ethic, they can accomplish whatever they set their mind to.

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