Uraiwan Srisukai

Uraiwan Srisuksai

Title: Chef & Owner
Company: Lemongrass Restaurant & Sake Bar
Location: Moultonboro, New Hampshire, United States

Uraiwan Srisukai, chef and owner at Lemongrass Restaurant & Sake Bar, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in fine dining.

Since 2005, Ms. Srisuksai has been the chef and owner of Lemongrass Restaurant and Sake Bar, an Asian fusion-style restaurant dedicated to preparing American recipes with an Asian twist. Raised in a small town in southern Thailand, she first came to the United States as a high school exchange student, emerging in the lakes region of New Hampshire. After developing a passion for the area, she decided to remain in the United States, and earned a Master of Business Administration in small business entrepreneurship in 2004. While pursuing a master’s degree, Ms. Srisuksai worked with celebrated chef and restaurateur Mike Love, who sparked her interest in the culinary arts and became her mentor and business partner when she opened Lemongrass.

Ms. Srisuksai continues to manage everything at Lemongrass, from finances and staffing to creating the rotating seasonal menu and running the kitchen herself. She is proud to have found success as a chef without going to culinary school, and aspires for the continued growth of Lemongrass, where she hopes to hire more staff in the coming years. Though most define success through a monetary lens, she feels that it is best attained through being able to do what one does, travel and give back to others. As a part of her commitment to the community at large, Ms. Srisuksai acts as an ambassador and makes regular donations to area families in need.

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