Tiffany Negron

Title: Owner
Company: El Lechon de Negron
Location: Union, New Jersey, United States

Tiffany Negron, Owner at El Lechon de Negron, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in the culinary arts.

Drawing on several years of expertise as a manager, waitress and bartender, Ms. Negron has garnered a laudable reputation as the owner of El Lechon de Negron since 2016. A Puerto Rican eatery located in Union, New Jersey, the restaurant offers all manner of delicious pig roast and cuisine, including empanadas, salads, sautéed blood sausage, plantain sandwiches and codfish fritters, as well as several scrumptious dessert options, including tres leches, flan, tembleque and limber. Additionally, El Lechon de Negron boasts two locations and two food trucks. Looking toward the future, Ms. Negron would like to open the first Puerto Rican drive-through restaurant in the United States.

In her capacity as the owner of the restaurant, Ms. Negron is responsible for such daily operations as cooking, managing her employees, keeping track of inventory, handling accounts payable, booking caterings and contacting customers in regards to reviews. To commemorate her accomplishments, she has been bestowed with a variety of accolades, including awards for food truck competitions and recognition as the Business of the Month by the city of Union. In accounting for her standout success, Ms. Negron credits her passion, dedication to hard work, the long hours she has put in, and for her propensity for sleeping in the restaurant before the holidays.

Ms. Negron initially became involved in her profession at the age of 15, when she began working as a waitress at a local restaurant. Cultivating an interest in working with people, she gradually steered her interests toward management. Ms. Negron’s proficiency in the field has been fueled by her formal education at Union County College, from which she earned an Associate of Science in business administration in 2006.

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