Andrew W. Feucht

Title: President, Founder
Company: Weston & Associates, LLC
Location: Navarre, Ohio, United States

Andrew Feucht, President and Founder of Weston & Associates, LLC, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in the tank industry.

Mr. Feucht was born into the bulk storage industry and grew up being well versed in the handlings of the business, as well as keeping clients happy. He watched and looked up to his father, which paved the way for his own success in presiding over and being the founder of Weston & Associates, LLC. Mr. Feucht began this venture in 2018 and is also the owner of Waste2Energy. He garnered earlier experience as the president and shareholder of Farmers Service and Repair Company (FSRC Tanks) from 2008 to 2016. His hard work has been recognized on numerous occasions and in 2020, Mr. Feucht was named the Outstanding Supplier of the Year from Lockheed Martin, as well as being named Lockheed Martin’s Small Business of the Year for GridStar Flow Battery System. In 2015, he earned an Entrepreneur of the County Award from FSRC.

Mr. Feucht attributes his success to the employees. None of his achievements could be accomplished without them. He believes surrounding himself around others who know more than he does is the way to succeed. With all of this talent surrounding him, he endeavors to have steady growth with the company. Mr. Feucht aspires for the company to be more profitable, but not just in the financial areas. He wants to continue providing the highest quality of service to his clients and employees.

Mr. Feucht also aspires to continue contributing to his community. As an active volunteer, he provides donations to local community schools and remains the largest donor to these institutions. He also provides community support for struggling businesses and Goodwill, as well as to his local golf course. He endeavors to pay homage to his family legacy, such as to his father founding FSRC in 1991 originally for agriculture. Weston & Associates has taken the intelligence out of the agricultural industry and turned it into a commercial industrial application. Historically they have constructed large above-ground storage tanks, but they have grown that over the last three years with Weston being able to provide more. For instance, now they are taking the complete design responsibility of the large facilities, such as wastewater treatment facility, typically industrial, and that is national.

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