Vina D. Verastigue, BS, MPA

Title: Chief Executive Officer, Owner
Company: Assurance Home Care
Location: Newport Beach, California, United States

Vina D. Verastigue, BS, MPA, CEO and owner of Assurance Home Care, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in home caregiving and medical support.

Ms. Verastigue is the chief executive officer and owner of Assurance Home Care, an agency providing attentive, compassionate, in-home care to seniors in Buena Park, California and surrounding areas since 2010. Born and raised in the Philippines, Ms. Verastigue holds a Bachelor of Science in foreign services and a Master of Public Administration. Before starting her company, Ms. Verastigue was a contractor with the finance department of the City of Los Angeles, but she explains that she felt called to care for seniors and others who cannot manage by themselves, going so far as to buy food and other necessities for the clients they serve if she finds their homes lacking.

Currently, Assurance Home Care employs nearly 40 independent caregivers, and Ms. Verastigue notes that before the pandemic, the company had a staff of more than 80. Ms. Verastigue notes that she is a certified CNA trainer and does much of the staff training herself, and she hopes to return to 2019 levels of staffing and business within the year. She emphasizes that clients and their needs come first, going so far as to purchase food and other necessities for certain clients if they are lacking. Ms. Verastigue explains that “as long as the staff, taxes, and workers’ compensation are getting paid,” she does not care about a profit or her own pay, and will use the available money to ensure that the clients are safe.

Assurance Home Care has been identified as the second-largest home care company in the area by the Department of Seniors, a distinction that Ms. Verastigue is proud of and surprised by, as she notes that most of her business comes from word of mouth and personal referrals. Currently, Assurance Home Care works with five to six companies right now in addition to individual clients, and Ms. Verastigue hopes to continue to grow the business so she will be able to help more seniors. She considers the ability to help others and provide necessary services to her clients to be the most rewarding part of the work, emphasizing that “everything will be okay when you are kind to others; things fall into place.”

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