Robert Earl Turner

Title: Contractor
Company: Turner Remodeling and Home Repair, LLC
Location: Crystal Springs, Mississippi, United States

Robert Earl Turner, contractor at Turner Remodeling and Home Repair LLC, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in home repair.

Since coming of age, Mr. Turner has sought to pursue a career through which he could apply his passion for buildings and construction. At the encouragement of his high school teachers, he began to experiment with wood projects. By attending a multitude of building trade classes, he realized his purpose in life laid in the construction industry. For three decades thereafter, Mr. Turner has become renowned throughout the greater Mississippi area for his specialization in residential construction as the owner and operator of Turner Remodeling and Home Repair.

Though his career has been suffused with highlights, Mr. Turner is gratified to have honed his expertise in building with stilts while constructing houses over a lake in Mississippi. In the process, he learned to avoid the tide of water while guarding residents from the risks of flooding and other natural disasters. Looking toward the future, he aims to construct an establishment where children can partake in leisurely activities. Dedicated to his community, Mr. Turner’s main goal is to establish a shelter to house the local homeless population.

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