Fawn Gregg

Title: Owner
Company: Herbs & Oddities
Location: San Marcos, Texas, United States

Fawn Gregg, Owner at Herbs and Oddities, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in the field of entrepreneurship.

Bearing a great deal of experience in metaphysical entrepreneurship and herbal remedies, Ms. Gregg has served as the owner of Herbs and Oddities since 2018. Based in San Marcos, Texas, the small business specializes in the sale of stones, teas, bulk herbs, candles, jewelry, local arts and other essential supplies for any spiritual journeyer. With a great deal of experience in her field, Ms. Gregg is also the owner of Stonebound Treasures. Also based in San Marcos, this secondary location opened in 2021, and specializes more specifically in rocks, gemstones and spiritual readings.

Prior to opening Herbs and Oddities or Stonebound Treasures, Ms. Gregg opened Medicine of the Spirit in 2013. An online and pop-up vending business, the endeavor focused on herbal and metaphysical wellness. During this time, she also worked with the Salt Lick BBQ, where she was tasked with generating a memorable and pleasant experience for guests and ensuring return visits. Ms. Gregg has also served as the proprietor of McGregor Herbals, an online vendor that ran on the Etsy platform.

In a career filled with highlights, Ms. Gregg is most proud to have managed her own businesses, which has exposed her to many diverse groups of people and suffused her with many wonderful experiences. Likewise, she is gratified to have become deeply involved with her local community and provide an alternative wellness service, including crystal healing, Reiki services, and tarot and room readings. Embracing a holistic approach to spirituality, Ms. Gregg is gratified to have offered unique tools for people to self-actualize in mind, body and spirit.

In accounting for her success, Ms. Gregg credits her joyous acceptance by, and fascination with, her local community. Her businesses host routine events that connect her neighbors and fellow citizens, and are patronized by regular customers who stop every week simply to linger in those spaces. More than the trinkets she sells, Ms. Gregg is most proud to foster that feeling of harmony and togetherness. Looking toward the future, she hopes to continue owning multiple businesses, and aspires to host spiritual retreats and conferences for like-minded individuals.

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