Sabry A. Alsharkawi

Sabry A. Alsharkawi

Title: Owner
Company: Sharkawi Farm
Location: Broad Run, Virginia, United States

Sabry A. Alsharkawi, Owner at Sharkawi Farm, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in green farming.

Since 1985, Mr. Alsharkawi has prospered as the owner and operator of Sharkawi Farms in Broad Run, one of the first farm owners to incorporate green, ecology-friendly practices. “Green farming” eschews the use of artificial pesticides and includes a variety of agricultural methods to ensure that his products are properly vegetated. This type of farming includes using beneficial insects that feed on harmful insects, as well as applying a plant-based oil as opposed to the conventional pesticide or fungicide to ensure that his produce is 100 percent organic. In its retail operation, Sharkawi Farms offers its customers chemical-free herbs, teas and blooming plants. Teas make up the bulk of the farm’s business, with 48 different varieties of teas and spices, ranging from fruit to herbal. Knowing that many customers are unfamiliar with some of the spices he offers, Mr. Alsharkawi offers instructions to customers on how to apply herbs in recipes.

Mr. Alsharkawi obtained a Bachelor of Arts in agricultural engineering from Alexandria University in Egypt in 1977. After graduation, he went to the United Arab Emirates to work in research centers in 1984, which proved instrumental in his acquisition of agricultural methods in the UAE, where conditions for agriculture can be harsh and helped him to found his business after his immigration to the United States.

Mr. Alsharkawi attributes his success to the trust of his customers as well as the support of his family, his wife and his children. He maintains that people trust his produce and he has clients that have moved from the United States to Europe and still patronize his products. As his most notable achievement, Mr. Alsharkawi cites being able to sell organic produce while making reasonable profits instead of charging customers very high prices. In the future, he is hoping to be able to see lower prices for organic products. In addition, Mr. Alsharkawi hopes that people will decrease the use of emissions, conventional pesticides, and chemicals that he avers are causing health difficulties for many people.

To support his work, Mr. Alsharkawi is a member of Virginia Finest and the Virginia Department of Agriculture. In recognition of his success, he was honored with a Best of Broad Run Award in the local business category in 2021. Mr. Alsharkawi also was appointed by the National Republican Congressional Committee as a business advisory council, in recognition of outstanding service, and in particular for assistance and leadership in promoting a pro-business agenda including tax reform, and fiscal responsibility.

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