Dorie Mulford

Dorie Mulford

Title: Owner
Company: DFW Breakers LLC
Location: Farmers Branch, Texas, United States

Dorie Mulford, Owner at DFW Breakers LLC, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in entrepreneurship.

Since 2015, Ms. Mulford has prospered as owner of DFW Breakers LLC in Farmers Branch, an electrical parts business specializing in refurbished circuit breakers, controllers, bus plugs, panelboards, starters, switches, transformers, fuses. In addition, the company produces custom panels and plate engravings and sells new and refurbished electrical supplies to construction companies, electricians and other individuals. With the business, Ms. Mulford oversees all operations including purchasing, sales, cleaning and testing breakers, in addition to assisting with accountancy and payroll.

For the success of DFW Breakers LLC, Ms. Mulford is grateful for the support of her husband and family. She cites Jose Zavala, a loyal employee of hers who also stood by her every day and helped her grow the company. Ms. Mulford has enjoyed every aspect of the business, be it in terms of dealing with customers or working with electricians and builders and enjoys getting to know people.

According to Ms. Mulford, her previous work with an attorney paved the way to an entrepreneurial life in the electrical supply industry. She was able to learn about breakers, panels and their values, including how the overall business was done while handling the bookkeeping and inventory of the lawyer’s electrical supply company. When the lawyer moved to Oklahoma, she purchased half of his inventory at cost price and started DFW Breakers, LLC.

As a career highlight, Ms. Mulford cites her ownership of DFW Breakers LLC as a successful businesswoman. Eventually, customers who were initially hesitant grew to respect her as they began to see the quality of service she provides and how she operates the business. Going above and beyond what many of her competitors do, she ensures that customers get whatever they need at the best possible price. In the coming years, Ms. Mulford intends to continue to grow the business to the point that it becomes a good legacy for her sons. Her hope is that DFW Breakers, LLC will be known as an honorable and successful family business rather than a corporation.

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