Brandy Waslawski

Title: 1) President; 2) Founder
Company: 1) Love Clean; 2) From the Belly of a Whale
Location: Traverse City, Michigan, United States

Brandy Waslawski, president at Love Clean, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in entrepreneurship.

Currently, Ms. Waslawski is providing superior service as president of Love Clean, a premier locally owned and operated business in Northern Michigan servicing Traverse City and the surrounding area with cleaning services for residential, commercial, construction projects, vacation rentals and recreational vehicles. In addition, she established a second service, Queen B Squeaky Clean. 

Besides her commercial cleaning services, Ms. Waslawski has founded a ministry called “From the Belly of a Whale” which reaches out to inmates being released in her town, helping them to get on their feet obtaining housing, emotional support and educating families on what to expect. She also volunteers in jails as a minister to those who are on their way to prison or just doing a long jail stay.

Ms. Waslawski attributes her success to her deep faith. After spending eight years in prison, she did not know what she was going to do when she got home and had no career path. She believes she is successful because of all those years she spent in that communion with God. When she finished her sentence and returned home it was hard to get a job anywhere. She was able to connect with a local private Christian school that hired her as a janitor and started to clean their school at $9 an hour part-time. One of the administrators noticed Ms. Waslawski’s diligent and quality work and suggested that she list in their newsletter that she cleans houses on the side to make extra cash. They didn’t want them to lose her as a janitor, and that led to her starting her cleaning businesses. In 2021, she won Red Hat Best 2021, awarded to the best cleaning company in northern Michigan.

In the coming years, Ms. Waslawski’s plan is to grow and establish more positions within Love Clean and to help other people that have been with her business become successful financially. She is seeking profit sharing options and investments for people who work with her.

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