Kayla “K-Roc” Middleton

Title: Owner
Company: Thrash The Smash Room
Location: Hopkins, South Carolina, United States

Kayla Middleton, Owner at Thrash The Smash Room, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in smash room entrepreneurship.

Since 2021, Ms. Middleton has prospered as owner and operator of Thrash The Smash Room in Columbia, South Carolina, the latest location in an increasingly popular venture known as a smash room, a purpose-built room where people can vent their frustrations, stress or anger by destroying objects in a safe, controlled environment. For each session, guests receive protective gear and proceed to smash objects such as glass bottles and discarded plates, televisions and radios to a personally-selected soundtrack, as well as markers inside each room for people to write their problems and negative thoughts down on the bottles and plates before breaking them as a creative way to release them. Ms. Middleton has additionally provided superior service as operator of Kwality Soundz & Entertainment, a DJ service; Kwality Tripz, providing rides to USC Gamecock Football home games; and vending company Kwality Vending & Snackz.

Ms. Middleton decided to open a smash room after watching an episode of “911” when she noticed the immense stress that the characters were battling. At the end of the episode, the characters took a trip to an open field where they had a chance to break objects. She noticed the smiles and sense of relief on their faces and was motivated to research destructive therapy, which began in Japan in 2008. In the coming years, Ms. Middleton plans for her company to operate in its own building and then to expand across the United States. She also desires to provide services to younger children that cannot fit the gear that adults wear and wants to make her company more family-oriented, where people can come for birthday parties and reunions. Her motto is “Breathe in faith and exhale fear.”

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