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Mackenzie L. Jurek

Title: Owner
Company: Heavenly Hill Farm
Location: Foley, Minnesota, United States

Mackenzie L. Jurek, Owner at Heavenly Hill Farm, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in farm administration.

With years of experience to her credit, Ms. Jurek has found much success as the owner of Heavenly Hill Farm in Gilman, Minnesota, since 2012. In her position, she is responsible for the administrative and business-related tasks on the farm, including organizing medical care, while helping to support her husband, who is responsible for the physical labor on the farm. Having initially raised goats as a novelty breed, she also engages in commercial goat breeding as myotonic goats are noted for having more tender and healthier meat than other farm animals. With more than 70 goats on their farm, Ms. Jurek is additionally active in goat shows, having participated in the national show in Elizabethtown, Kentucky in October 2022.

Ms. Jurek was drawn to her profession in her youth, as her father allowed her to raise myotonic goats on their farm, and eventually traveled with a local breeder around the United States to show them. Having pursued an education as a veterinary technician during this time, she had to cut her academic efforts short to help care for her ailing grandmother. Soon thereafter, Ms. Jurek met her husband, with whom she inherited 100 acres of land from her father-in-law and decided to focus on growing their herd.

In addition to her primary professional endeavors, Ms. Jurek remains affiliated with the Myotonic Goat Registry. She separates herself from her peers by her commitment to the health of her goats, as she feeds her goats differently than fellow breeders and allows the goats to monitor their own diets while ensuring all goats are nursed properly. In the near future, Ms. Jurek hopes to help continue building Heavenly Hill Farm with their homegrown goats, improving breeding techniques, building a bigger barn for their herd and increasing their visibility in national shows.

Although she has thrived in her ventures with Heavenly Hill Farm, Ms. Jurek’s proudest moment was devoting her time and attention to her grandmother in her final years. She attributes her success to her persistence, determination and open-mindedness as well as the unwavering encouragement of her husband. Furthermore, Ms. Jurek has been motivated by her love for farming, her passion and her desire to continue learning in her field, especially in treating sick animals.

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