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Travis A. Gray

Title: Partner
Company: Freedom Machine Group
Location: Valley City, California, United States

Travis A. Gray, a partner at the Freedom Machine Group, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in the field of manufacturing.

With more than a decade of experience to his credit in the manufacturing industry, Mr. Gray has distinguished himself as a partner at the Freedom Machine Group. Based in eastern North Dakota, the group, which specializes in the manufacture of machined parts, boasts more than 40 years of experience in planning, production and final delivery on behalf of clients throughout the fields of agriculture, automotive, energy and medicine. Bearing a particular focus on production oversight and fostering business growth, Mr. Gray is chiefly responsible for company logistics and accounting, as well as supervising full-time employees and maintaining computer numerical control (CNC) machines. 

Prior to his current endeavors, Mr. Gray served as a field service technician at Appliance City, an educational instructor, an emergency medical technician in Barnes County, and in a mechanic’s shop. He had initially sought to follow the example of his father, who served as a deputy chief in law enforcement. However, a CNC machine company in Cooperstown, North Dakota, saw his potential and matched the salary he was expected to earn as a police officer, and he steered his career ambitions accordingly. After working for more than a decade at the company, Mr. Gray resolved to pursue success on his own terms as an independent business owner, leading to his current role. 

In accounting for his success, Mr. Gray credits his years of experience as a machinist and mechanic, which enabled him to swiftly establish his shop. He also attributes the support and encouragement of his family, as well as the many friendships he has forged with entrepreneurs throughout the local community. Outside of his primary vocational circles, Mr. Gray has served as the board president of the Valley City Parks & Recreation department since 2019, and as a volunteer for the Valley City Fire Department since 2012. Additionally, he has maintained membership with the Valley City Chamber of Commerce. 

Looking toward the future, Mr. Gray and his partners hope to work with a local economic development company in relocating the Freedom Machine Group to a new 15,000-square-foot building by 2023, and to further expand the scope of the company to include 20 machines and an equal number of employees.

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