Douglas Alan Black

Title: Owner
Company: Blackstone Farm LLC
Location: Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, United States

Douglas Alan Black, owner of Blackstone Farm LLC, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners and Entrepreneurs for dedication, achievements, and leadership in the equine industry.

Bolstered by more than four decades of collective experience, Mr. Black has cultivated a career of excellence in the horse racing business. Since 1989, he has thrived as an expert in his field, learning the ins and outs of the industry and sharing his knowledge with fellow professionals. Furthermore, since 2010, Mr. Black has thrived as the owner of Blackstone Farm LLC, where he and his colleagues specialize in raising and caring for thoroughbred racehorses.

As part of his vocational endeavors, Mr. Black carries a strong focus on safety and targeted nutrition for the foals and yearlings in his care. All of the young horses raised at Blackstone Farm are offered special amenities, such as personal stalls, fans and waterers, which assist in ensuring proper growth and stability. Many of the horses in Mr. Black’s care have gone on to become noteworthy competition winners, with names such as Tom’s Ready, Bronx Beauty, The Critical Way and Nice Ace adorning the Hall of Fame at Blackstone Farm.

Adjacent to his primary professional interests, Mr. Black was also the president and chief executive officer of Black Gold International in 2006. At the onset of his career in 1976, he established himself in the sales industry, working with Series Stage Company, an off-Broadway theater group, until 1977. Additionally, he excelled as a salesman in 1985, and he worked extensively as the vice president of Mel Howard Accessories. Today, Mr. Black continues to carry his sales experience forward in all of his current pursuits.

Mr. Black discovered his interest in horse racing at an early age, having watched such races alongside his grandfather for many years. Thus, he naturally gravitated towards his current vocation. In light of his fulfilling career, he has largely attributed his success to his determination and dedicated work ethic. Accounting for his accomplishments, he is particularly proud to have risen from the position of a salesman to become a proper business owner. In the coming years, Mr. Black hopes to continue expanding Blackstone Farm by providing more jobs and increasing his staff.

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