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Daniel Sherry

Title: Owner
Company: No Guts No Glory LLC
Location: The Villages, Florida, United States

Daniel Sherry, Owner of No Guts No Glory LLC, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in entrepreneurship.

Renowned as a motivated risk-taker, Mr. Sherry embarked upon his professional path at the American University of Paris, from which he earned a Bachelor of Arts in international business. To further support his ambitions, he concluded his studies at INSEAD, graduating with a Master of Business Administration in international business. Mr. Sherry would subsequently begin his career in the corporate world, working and refining his skills in the field of strategic planning for several years.

Meeting his wife in Paris, Mr. Sherry had to make a decision to either return to Chicago, continue his career with Baxter Travels at their headquarters in Brussels or help to found a new, competing company in Switzerland with several of his peers. He eventually decided to return to Chicago, where his disillusion with the corporate business structure inspired him to become an entrepreneur. Soon thereafter, he decided to lend his expertise in marketing to Canine Tag Company, aiding them in growing from $50,000 a year in sales to more than $500,000 in only a few years. Mr. Sherry would later find success with Kennedy’s Creative Awards, a business from which he is now retired, and a consulting business known as Compounding Interests.

Mr. Sherry has excelled as the owner of No Guts No Glory LLC over the past decade, which he established after inventing a board game, “My Dog Can Do That,” which enables players to find new and unique ways to interact with their dogs. Retiring from Canine Tag Company in 2019, he recently obtained his real estate license and purchased a number of properties on which he is building tree houses that can be rented for glamping via Airbnb. In the immediate future, Mr. Sherry is planning to write and sell books on Amazon while also flexing his creative muscles as a performer and voice actor.

Beyond his primary responsibilities, Mr. Sherry has been incredibly active in his community, as he contributes to local Alzheimer’s and cancer organizations. A vocal political activist, he advocated and lobbied on behalf of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a venture for which he was personally invited to attend the ceremony celebrating the ratification of the ACA. Mr. Sherry has also been involved in a number of groups within his retirement community, including The French Group, The Pickleball Group, The Philosophy Group and The Historical Group.

Attributing his success to his hard work, Mr. Sherry was drawn to entrepreneurship by the opportunity to call his own shots and the flexibility it afforded to his daily schedule. Among the many highlights of his career, he was incredibly proud to not have to answer to a boss for the majority of his career, even though he learned that he had to answer to his employees as a business owner. In the coming years, Mr. Sherry hopes to live off multiple passive income streams from his current endeavors.

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