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Martha Peck

Title: 1) Appraiser; 2) Antique Dealer
Company: 1) Martha Peck Antiques, LLC
Location: Lake Forest, Illinois, United States

Martha Peck, appraiser and independent antique dealer for Martha Peck Antiques, LLC, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in antiquarian proprietorship.

Ms. Peck’s business specializes in vintage furniture, artwork, and various selected objects, and provides brokerage services for personal property and fine art. Known in the antique arena for her ability to change with the times and, in her words, “not become a dinosaur,” she has learned to consistently adapt her merchandise to appeal to a younger market and collectors of all ages. The former elementary school teacher with a Bachelor of Education switched careers in 1998, establishing her own antique dealing business. In 2003, she added appraiser to her résumé, establishing Martha Peck Antiques, LLC, and started appraising personal properties in 2008, becoming accredited with the International Society of Appraisers (ISA). 

Entrenched for years in the Chicago antique scene, Ms. Peck was a longtime co-owner of Mind Décor. Today, she is the co-owner of The Find Antiques and of Redefined Décor, LLC, at the Chicago Antiques and Fine Art Center. Her rare wares are showcased for public perusal at the famous Antiquarians Building and Circa Antiques. Ms. Peck’s longevity and relevance in the industry are the results of her staying informed by attending annual conferences, meetings, lectures, and symposiums throughout the country, including successfully completing continuing education classes with exams. 

Putting her teaching background to use, Ms. Peck was also active as a former president and project leader for ISA, helping to rewrite a course as the organization’s French furniture, antiques, and residential contents chairperson. She credits her mentor Judith Martin, one of her early appraiser instructors with whom she has maintained a friendship, for contributing to her success. Serving as a mentor herself, Ms. Peck advises aspiring antique appraisers or dealers to develop a general knowledge of everything, focus on fine arts, furniture, or decorative accessories, and study their specific pieces.

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