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Clift Seferlis

Title: Owner, Architectural Historian, Masonry Restoration Specialist, and Licensed District of Columbia and New York City Guide
Company: Capitol Spaces
Location: Garrett Park, Maryland, United States

Clift Seferlis, owner, architectural historian, masonry restoration specialist, and licensed city guide of the District of Columbia and New York City Guide at Capitol Spaces, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in entrepreneurship.

Mr. Seferlis commenced his academic journey with a Bachelor of Arts in architectural history from New York University in 1992, setting the groundwork for his profound understanding of historic structures. Professionally, for over 30 years, he has presided over an independent enterprise dedicated to safeguarding and reviving structures bearing profound historical, architectural, and cultural significance. Since 2006, Mr. Seferlis has brought his specialized expertise to the Smithsonian Institution as a masonry restoration specialist, meticulously preserving the essence and authenticity of cherished architectural landmarks. Concurrently, spanning more than two decades, he has served as a licensed guide for Capitol Spaces LLC, passionately unraveling the intricate historical tapestries of Washington DC and New York City. 

Mr. Seferlis has wielded significant influence in preserving architectural heritage and community stewardship. He will be active as the president of the board for the City Tavern Preservation Foundation in 2024, following the conclusion of his tenure as vice president of the board in 2023. His commitment extends across diverse roles, including membership in the Landmarks Committee at the DC Preservation League. Simultaneously, he serves as a director at River Arts and passionately volunteers at the Washington National Cathedral. Notably, his enduring dedication spans three decades as a member of the iconographic task force at the Washington National Cathedral. 

Mr. Seferlis has also made significant strides in photography, having notably collaborated with a historian as the principal photographer for a book published in 2009. Boasting over two decades of expertise in stone carving and preservation techniques, his extensive experience equips him to articulate and vividly illustrate the nuances and complexities inherent in restoration. In the coming years, Mr. Seferlis is determined to advocate further for historical conservation, aiming to raise awareness beyond conventional boundaries to prioritize the documentation and upkeep of such sites.

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