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Ivan Rosenberg

Title: Founder and President
Company: Uniquely Abled Project
Location: Valley Village, California, United States

Ivan Rosenberg, founder and president of Uniquely Abled Project, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in business management and advocacy.

Dr. Rosenberg is recognized as a visionary leader for his pioneering advocacy work as the founder and president of the Uniquely Abled Project. This groundbreaking initiative collaborates with the business community to create vocational opportunities tailored to individuals with unique abilities, aligning their skills with in-demand jobs. Prior to spearheading this initiative, Dr. Rosenberg established a solid educational foundation. He earned degrees in electrical engineering from Cornell University, including both a bachelor’s and master’s degree. Additionally, he obtained a master’s degree in computer science from the same institution. Continuing his academic pursuits, Dr. Rosenberg pursued a PhD in management from the University of Rochester Simon Business School.

Before establishing the Uniquely Abled Project, Dr. Rosenberg held the position of president and CEO at Frontier Associates, Inc. and served on the boards of directors of CyberNet Communications. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to found Business Information Solutions, Distinctive Solutions Corporation, and Systems Design Associates. Dr. Rosenberg’s passion for education extended to teaching roles at California State Polytechnic University and the Rochester Institute of Technology. In the 1960s, he contributed as a systems research engineer at The Foxboro Company, focusing on process control in industries like oil refineries.

A prominent figure in the Southern California business landscape, Dr. Rosenberg also leads the Aerospace and Defense Forum, facilitating discussions among industry leaders on advancements and challenges. Additionally, he serves as the managing partner for InVista Associates, a management consulting firm specializing in solving critical business problems. His remarkable contributions have earned him an Exceptional Business Award from the Exceptional Children’s Foundation. Looking forward, Dr. Rosenberg aspires to spearhead initiatives aimed at creating meaningful vocational opportunities for individuals with unique abilities. He aspires to expand the reach and impact of the Uniquely Abled Project, leveraging his extensive experience and network in the business community.

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