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Arthur L. Fuller Sr.

Title: Owner
Company: ArtFul Enterprises International
Location: Houston, Texas, United States

Arthur Fuller, Owner at ArtFul Enterprises International, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in internet development and commerce.

After initially obtaining Bachelors of Arts in mathematics and natural sciences in 1958 from Miles College in Fairfield, Alabama, Mr. Fuller continued his education with an all but dissertation in applied mathematics from New York University in 1960. For the following three decades, he served his country in the United States Navy, during which he thrived as a supervisory naval architect with Naval Sea Systems Command. There, he managed the development a major part of computer programs that designed naval ships, such as the nuclear aircraft carrier. His programs included the thickness of the compartment that carried nuclear weapons, as well as the shape, speed and power of the vessel.

Mr. Fuller participated in the dawn of the internet as he helped to develop the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, otherwise known as ARPANET, originally a top-secret project of the United States Army aimed toward establishing a secure line of communications between its four branches. Mr. Fuller sat as one of the witnesses to the system demonstration that took place at the University of Michigan in September of 1969, and when companies began to invest in and distribute the project it became known as the internet that we know today. He also participated in the development of computer graphics. 

Since 1978, Mr. Fuller has prospered as founder, owner and chief executive officer of ArtFul Enterprises International, a premier international business development group that instructs individuals how to move goods and services over the Internet. The program operates in 100 countries and territories around the world, providing extensive expansion opportunities. Each market is individually developed with infrastructure and logistics for the region it serves. A respected voice in the fields of computer graphics and technology, Mr. Fuller has published the book “Yes You Can: Against and Despite All Odds” and “Dynamics of Clipper: A Library for Software Development.”

Mr. Fuller believes that much of his success stems from having to take enormous responsibility to support his four sisters and four brothers at a very young age. He was about 12 when he began working to feed his siblings, mowing lawns and fixing people’s possessions and doing all kinds of tasks to ensure that the needs of his family were met. As his childhood was short-lived, he did not have an opportunity to play baseball or do other things young ones are typically able to do. He has always loved reading since he was a child, which was instrumental to his acquisition of knowledge and the development of his fascination for technology, which led to a successful career. 

Since Mr. Fuller retired, he has been working on developing and promoting ideas for business development and ownership, which resulted from his long-standing passion for helping business owners grow mentally and be able to work the best way possible with the system in which they live.

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