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Carl R. Cox

Title: Jeweler & Owner
Company: Alaskan Gold Connection; Carl Cox Designs Inc.
Location: Ogden, Utah, United States

Carl Cox, Owner at Alaskan Gold Connection, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in jewelry entrepreneurship.

A lifelong manufacturer of beautiful gold jewelry, Mr. Cox got his start very young in elementary and high school, during which he apprenticed with a local jewelry manufacturer. After nearly two decades with John Fish Jewelers in Las Vegas, he decided to move to Fairbanks, Alaska, to better get acquainted with the raw materials and natural gold specimens mined from the mountains, Alaska being the second most productive gold-producing state in the country after Nevada. In Fairbanks, he found much success as a partner in Gold Rush Fine Jewelry for an additional two decades, and established a reputation for paying top dollar to acquire unique, raw nuggets to fashion into premium jewelry pieces.

After 25 years in Fairbanks, Mr. Cox desired to live closer to his Utah grandchildren and also to found a shop on Ogden’s 25th Street, a chief commercial and entertainment strip, and founded Alaskan Gold Connection, so named because he retains a connection with his partner in Fairbanks and much of his creations are made with gold from Alaska. Mr. Cox specializes in creating custom wedding bands and necklaces, earrings and settings with rings with precious stones, most of which feature his unique raw gold nuggets. After a delay because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Alaskan Gold Connection opened its doors in early 2021. 

Mr. Cox attributes his success to having good work ethic and being a lifelong learner. Though looking toward retirement in the coming years, he is hoping to expand his business and hire more people so that he can be more behind the scenes.

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