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Arturo J. Sanchez

Title: President
Company: Omni Transloading & Logistics
Location: Medley, Florida, United States

Arturo J. Sanchez, president at Omni Transloading & Logistics, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in company strategy and management.

As the leader of the third-party logistics provider that handles materials transported by railroad in ocean containers, Mr. Sanchez owns six South Florida locations that have about 45 employees along with his wife, Giselle , who is the head of human resources with a seventh site preparing to open in 2023.  In this position, he oversees company sales, operations, all areas of growth, customer relationships, new project development, brand management, and client portfolios. More specifically, Mr. Sanchez’s daily responsibilities include working with various companies, railroads, and ocean freight forwarders as well as managing import and export opportunities, handling canned goods for retailers and food service companies, managing a 300,000-square-foot warehouse, meeting with department heads to review their pipelines, and engaging customers at trade shows. 

Mr. Sanchez counts his most notable achievement as the ability to start his own company, Omni Transloading & Logistics, which has won industry honors as a Select Connect Facility by the Union Pacific company Loup, the Top 3PL (third-party logistics) & Cold Storage Provider Award by Food Logistics, and the Top Largest Road Run in the Country Award by Union Pacific Railroad. He attributes his success to his passion for the profession he serves, guidance from key mentors, an insatiable work ethic, drive to succeed, and commitment to treating others like he wants to be treated. He protects his customers’ brands and promotes rail and supply chain management to customers that needed solutions, which have enhanced relationships with suppliers, shippers, and the railroad community. Also credits his company’s ability to thrive during the pandemic by keeping inventory levels low.

After Mr. Sanchez had been in the logistics industry for 20 years, he learned the most about what he considers the two most important and equally vital factors in any organization:  people and processes. He says a leader must have a solid process and great people to run it. Helping to professionally prepare him before his present role, Mr. Sanchez excelled as the financial and sales director at Alpinos Logistics and Distribution and an assistant vice president of business development at Turnberry Bank after earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management from Florida International University. 

Within the coming years, Mr. Sanchez wants to grow Omni Transloading & Logistics by building his brand beyond South Florida and expanding nationally starting with key markets in the Northeast and Midwest. He counts himself as fortunate to live in the greatest country in the world, where he can create opportunities, hard work, surround himself with good people who are smarter than him, achieve, and live his dreams. The father of four sons, Mr. Sanchez enjoys spending time with his family and supporting community service projects, including assisting at local homeless shelters and beach cleanups.

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