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Mark J. Richardson

Title: Owner and President
Company: Vertical Concrete Polishing Inc.
Location: Carrollton, California, United States

Mark J. Richardson, the owner and president of Vertical Concrete Polishing Inc., has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in the field of concrete polishing and grinding.

Long dedicated to the ideal that anything is possible with enough time and effort, Mr. Richardson has distinguished himself as the owner and president of Vertical Concrete Polishing Inc. (VCP), a construction company specializing in concrete polishing and grinding, since 2014. Leveraging more than four decades of experience in the field, VCP utilizes several patented methods and equipment to level, polish, and refinish both walls and floors in such a way as to leave them with an attractive appearance and texture. With a wide range of expertise in catering to such facilities as universities, hospitals, theme parks, and commercial buildings, Mr. Richardson’s exemplary team is prepared to handle concrete surfaces in any context. 

Outside of his work at VCP, Mr. Richardson also serves as the owner and president of MJR Inc. Founded in 1997, the company has developed a patent-pending method for preparing and polishing vertical concrete without the use of hand grinders, which has resulted in considerable savings for customers. In honor of this, as well as four other patents to Mr. Richardson’s credit, he has been the recipient of the Hanley Award, a $50,000 cash prize, an accolade from the Hanley Foundation that reflects the recipient’s achievements in the field of environmental building. Likewise, he was bestowed with the Most Innovative Award from the World of Concrete during the same year. 

Among his most cherished accomplishments, Mr. Richardson is particularly proud to have worked on various interesting projects, many of which forced him to innovate and think beyond the usual confines of his profession. In this fashion, he has learned to become adaptable, flexible and creative. In accounting for his overall success, he largely credits his determination and courage, particularly in accepting projects his competitors would tend to avoid. Looking toward the future, Mr. Richardson aspires to remain active with VCP and devise several new patents that can be of use to the concrete polishing industry at large. 

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