Marquis Top Business Owners

Leon Morton

Title: Owner
Company: AZ Wine Crawler
Location: Cornville, Arizona, United States

Leon Morton, owner at AZ Wine Crawler and Acoustic Cellars Lodge, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in entrepreneurship.

Mr. Morton’s academic journey commenced with a Bachelor of Arts in natural health sciences from the University of Natural Medicine in 1999. His career trajectory intertwines a lifelong passion for music cultivated during his upbringing on his parents’ gospel tour bus. Proficient in drums and guitar, he ventured into winemaking and serendipitously discovered a property in wine country. This discovery led to the founding of AZ Wine Crawler in 2000 and, later in 2016, the establishment of Acoustic Cellars Lodge, offering distinctive wine showcases and immersive lodging experiences.

Mr. Morton credits his success to early mentorship and the acquisition of communication skills through his participation in the Dale Carnegie program, significantly shaping his adeptness in effective interaction and public speaking. His celebrated initiative, the Crossroads Chronicles, is a profound exploration into the historical roots of American music, particularly highlighting the influence of Delta blues via the slave trade and underscoring the West African origins of modern American music.

Renowned for his exceptional musical performances and notable collaboration with the Detroit Lions, Mr. Morton takes great pride in his musical accomplishments while recognizing the pivotal role timing plays in project success. With a forward-looking approach, his vision entails establishing his lodge as a premium destination for comprehensive corporate retreats and health-centered integrative getaways while concurrently expanding the global presence of his winery. Mr. Morton remains resolute in his commitment to seamlessly merge music, wine, and hospitality to craft immersive experiences while unraveling American musical history’s rich heritage.

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