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Andrea Mouw

Title: Owner
Company: Dairywise Laboratory Services
Location: Flier, Idaho, United States

With an educational foundation rooted in Animal Sciences from Washington State University, Ms. Mouw has charted an illustrious career path that reflects her commitment to agricultural excellence. Her academic journey commenced with a Diploma from Lynden Christian School in 2002. She continued her studies, culminating in a Bachelor of Science in animal sciences with a minor in agriculture business from Washington State University in 2007.

Ms. Mouw’s professional trajectory showcases diverse roles, demonstrating her profound dedication and expertise in the agricultural and veterinary landscape. Starting as a veterinary assistant at Kulshan Veterinary Hospital in 2000, she transitioned to the role of herder at Eaglemill Farms from 2009 to 2012. She transitioned to a laboratory analyst at Udder Health Systems from 2012 to 2017 and manager at GHC Labs from 2017 to 2019. 

Ms. Mouw’s venture into entrepreneurship in 2019 led to her current position as owner of Dairywise Laboratory Services. Her vision of the laboratory entails accommodating more clients and enhancing the company’s testing capabilities. Looking ahead, she envisions expanding her business, relocating to a larger space, investing in advanced testing equipment, and fostering team growth to better serve the agricultural community.

Noteworthy accomplishments mark Ms. Mouw’s professional journey. She was recognized in Valley Wide Cooperative Magazine and Valley Ag Magazine and honored with the Samantha Ramsey Innovation Award from Leadership Idaho Agriculture. Her unwavering dedication to agricultural excellence, entrepreneurial spirit, and strong community support position her as a leader in the agricultural landscape.

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