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Jessica Saviano

Title: Owner
Company: Chili Peppers Fresh Mexican Grill
Location: Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Jessica Saviano, owner of Chili Peppers Fresh Mexican Grill, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in hospitality.

Ms. Saviano’s journey in the restaurant industry began over two decades ago when she started working for Chili Peppers Fresh Mexican Grill in 2002, just a year after its inception. Over the years, she transitioned from an employee to a co-owner, playing an integral role in the establishment’s growth and success until 2013. In that same year, she ventured into ownership with Papa Joe’s, further honing her skills in restaurant management. However, her true highlight came in 2022 when she seized the opportunity to become the sole proprietor of Chili Peppers Fresh Mexican Grill.

Throughout her tenure in the industry, Ms. Saviano attributes her success to her dedication to building strong relationships with customers. Looking ahead, she envisions expanding her business by opening more locations, possibly including franchises or food trucks. Beyond financial success, Ms. Saviano finds fulfillment in the invaluable lessons she learns from managing her food business and the opportunity it provides to enhance her children’s lives. Her advice to aspiring restaurateurs is to embrace every experience as a learning opportunity.

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