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Krishna Shrestha

Title: Owner
Company: Everst Momo Plus, LLC
Location: Chantilly, Virgina, United States

Krishna Shrestha, owner at Everst Momo Plus, LLC, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in entrepreneurship.

With an illustrious career spanning diverse industries, Mr. Shrestha has seamlessly blended his expertise in information technology and his passion for the culinary arts. Armed with a master’s degree from the University of Nepal in 2004 and a bachelor’s degree in humanities, specializing in sociology and economics from Tribhuvan University of Nepal, he embarked on a journey that led him to become the owner and creative specialist of Everest Momo Plus, a culinary establishment celebrated for its healthy and delicious Nepalese dumplings.

In addition to his current role at Everest Momo Plus, where he has been steering the ship since 2018, Mr. Shrestha wears multiple hats. He has served as a Sharepoint web developer at Arniko Technologies since 2015, contributing his expertise to enhance digital solutions for business operations. Simultaneously, his creative skills have been instrumental as the general manager at Light & Shade Creative Studio since 2011, contributing to the studio’s growth in the social hospitality sector.

Mr. Shrestha’s journey into the United States food industry began after his immigration in 2007. Following employment at CVS Pharmacy, he ventured into entrepreneurship, opening Everest Kitchen. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, leading to the closure of his first restaurant, Mr. Shrestha remains deeply committed to the food and restaurant industry. His passion lies in creating healthy, flavorful dishes using fresh ingredients, and he actively seeks to prioritize customer satisfaction and wellness.

Looking back on his career, Mr. Shrestha highlights his most notable achievement as creating healthy and delicious dishes from fresh and authentic ingredients, with a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction. In the coming years, he envisions expanding his business by introducing a food truck, participating in community activities, and adding more locations with a potential business partner. Mr. Shrestha’s journey reflects his professional acumen and resilience. With a foundation rooted in a diverse educational background, his commitment to innovation and community engagement positions him as a dynamic force in technology and the culinary world.

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