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Stanley Dunn

Title: 1) Senior Consulting Analyst; 2) Owner
Company: 1) Morgan Franklin & Co.; 2) Dunn Consulting LLC
Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

Stanley Dunn, senior consulting analyst at  Morgan Franklin & Co. and owner of Dunn Consulting LLC, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in information technology.

Mr. Dunn’s career path is characterized by a wealth of experience in the field of information technology, underscored by his adaptability and passion for learning. With coursework in computer science from both American InterContinental University and Southern University, he laid the groundwork for a successful career spanning various roles and industries. Currently serving as a senior consulting analyst at Morgan Franklin & Co. since 2022, Mr. Dunn leverages his expertise to provide strategic guidance and solutions to clients. In addition to his role at Morgan Franklin & Co., he owns Dunn Consulting LLC, a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and leadership.

Prior to his current positions, Mr. Dunn held critical roles in leading organizations such as MUFG Union Bank, N.A., ALTA IT Services, LLC, NextEra Energy Resources, and Aon, focusing on identity and access management, cybersecurity, and IT administration. His diverse experience equips him with a comprehensive understanding of IT systems and processes, enabling him to drive impactful outcomes for his clients. Reflecting on his career, Mr. Dunn attributes his success to his ability to assimilate knowledge and adapt to diverse organizational cultures and processes. His flexibility and willingness to embrace change have been instrumental in navigating various work environments and contributing to their growth.

One of Mr. Dunn’s most notable achievements is the establishment of Dunn Consulting Firm LLC, marking his entry into the consulting industry. Looking ahead, he aims to expand the reach of his brand and deepen his understanding of the evolving IT landscape. On a personal level, he seeks to continue his travels, immerse himself in diverse cultures, and eventually transition his business to a model where he can delegate tasks and focus on strategic growth. Mr. Dunn’s journey exemplifies the importance of adaptability, lifelong learning, and entrepreneurial drive in achieving professional success. His dedication to his craft and commitment to personal growth serve as inspirations to aspiring professionals in the field of information technology.

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