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Jennifer B. Stevens

Title: 1) Owner; 2) Co-owner; 3) President; 4) Co-owner; 5) Entrepreneur
Company: 6sstrategies Inc
Location: Jonestown, Texas, United States

Jennifer B. Stevens, owner of 6sstrategies Inc., co-owner of 6S River Ranch, president of AnyPlace MD and founder of Heelem Holdings, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in entrepreneurship.

Ms. Stevens is a distinguished entrepreneur and business strategist with expertise in governmental affairs and education. She and her husband have owned 6S River Ranch since 2001, where she oversees operations and strategic development. Additionally, she co-owns Heelem Holdings, a real estate investment firm focused on purchasing and leasing commercial property. Her entrepreneurial ventures also include serving as president and majority owner of Capital Dental Equipment in Cedar Park since 2012, specializing in refurbishing state-of-the-art dental imaging equipment, and president and majority owner of Dental Health Management Solutions since 2004, a women-owned company providing comprehensive mobile dental services to government, public, and private customers.

Ms. Stevens is also the president of AnyPlace MD and AnyPlace Audiology, offering hospitals and health care organizations professional staff and mobile health care solutions. While her husband serves as chief executive officer overseeing daily operations, she maintains an active role in strategic planning and monthly board meetings. Presently, she dedicates her time to 6S Strategies in Cedar Park, focusing on legislative strategy, advocacy, procurement, and business development for education and health care companies nationwide.

Known for her action-oriented approach, Ms. Stevens emphasizes the importance of follow-through when engaging with lawmakers, state agencies, business owners, and company heads. Her motto, “Don’t just talk about it…do it,” underscores her commitment to tangible results. Her entry into the profession was influenced by her husband’s experience as a health care administrator, addressing challenges in providing dental services for Alzheimer’s assisted living centers. Her involvement led to contracts with the military, showcasing her ability to identify needs, create solutions, and establish valuable connections, culminating in the launch of 6S Strategies.

Ms. Stevens’ career is marked by her dedication to addressing critical issues within her community and beyond. Her most notable achievement is advocating for families tragically affected by fentanyl-related tragedies and investing her resources to develop a national curriculum to support grieving families. Inspired by their resilience, she is determined to advocate, push legislation, and expand awareness to ensure their voices are heard nationwide. She serves on the board of Texas Against Fentanyl and co-founded The Tucker Project, an initiative producing a fentanyl education curriculum for schools nationwide. Actively involved in various capacities, including the school board at the Apogee School and the executive board of Operation 360, she continues to make a meaningful impact and strives for positive change in the country.

In preparation for her career, Ms. Stevens graduated with a Bachelor of Science in interdisciplinary studies, cum laude, from Texas State University in 2002. Building upon her professional accomplishments, she credits her success to her husband and four boys, as well as her drive, motivation, resourcefulness, and ability to get things done.

Looking ahead, Ms. Stevens is determined to leave a lasting impact by prioritizing meaningful contributions over financial gain. Her primary focus is on revolutionizing the educational landscape to benefit every child. Having already successfully implemented The Tucker Project in Georgia, she aims to expand its influence nationwide.

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