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Anthony Michaels

Title: Owner, Artist
Company: Twenty Five Twelve Collective
Location: Tucson, Arizona, United States

Anthony Michaels, Owner and Artists at Twenty Five Twelve Collective, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Artists and Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in tattoo art.

At a time when his middle school classmates seemed to have career ideas for their futures, the young Mr. Michaels could not picture himself in a classic professional setting. He stumbled upon a school personnel and inquired about his tattoo and the creative process behind it, which even at his young age made complete sense to him. Something changed in Mr. Michaels when he learned that the way art made him feel he could make someone else feel like that forever. Continuing to remain intrigued by tattooing, he drew pictures for the walls of local tattoo shops as a teenager and he was eventually gifted a tattoo starter kit from his mother. A gifted athlete, Mr. Michaels attended Pima Community College and pursued a professional basketball career. However, his heart stuck with tattooing and he was determined to one day spearhead his own business.

Since 2018, Mr. Michaels has served as the distinguished owner and artist of the Twenty Five Twelve Collective in Tucson, Arizona. Backed by 10 years of prior experience in the field, he specializes in photo-realism, portrait tattoos and script tattoos. Comprised of three artists and a shop manager, Mr. Michaels ensures the Twenty Five Twelve Collective offers the best experience, as well as the desired outcome of the artwork for full client satisfaction. Aware that with the tattooing process may come reluctance or nerves, and Mr. Michaels seeks to completely eradicate any anxiety clients may have about their sessions through open communication and transparency.

Finding grand success in his tattooing endeavors, Mr. Michaels was the winner of Spike TV’s “Ink Master: Revenge” in 2016. Notably, he became the first artist to win the competition with the least experience amongst the contestants, as his skill in tattooing was unmatched to his competitors. Noted for being one of television’s most likable reality stars, he was invited back to season 10 of “Ink Master” to be a coach to new competitors. In addition to these popular achievements, Mr. Michaels was also recognized at the Glendale Convention in Arizona for Best of Day and Best in Show Awards. The artist and business owner attributes his success to staying the course and putting in extra work to become elite at his craft. He also believes he owes much credit to his mentors and greatest inspirations over the years, Allan Hoefleing and Mike Rubendall.

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