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Qurious Owens

Title: Proprietor
Location: Rialto, California, United States

Qurious Owens, proprietor of, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in entrepreneurship.

Qurious has been given great wealth through being steadfast in her journey and assignment placed upon her by the Creator. As part of her entrepreneurial endeavors, she has curated her own line of specialized products, such as: Qurious Body jellies, Qurious Shea Butter jellies, Qurious Multi Spray, Qurious CBD jellies and Qurious Shower jellies. Furthermore, as a talented Artist, Photographer, Comedian, Radio Host, Professional Braider, Author, Speaker and Pastor, she continues to move in unstoppable favor.

While traveling through the valley of darkness she discovered her hidden treasures; Qurious pursued a formal education and graduated in 2018 at Bethany Christian Bible College in Systematic Biblical Studies. Qurious also completed her studies at El Camino College in Art and Photography. Qurious is well accomplished in all that she puts her talents and gifts to she has been featured in magazines, radio talk shows and newspaper articles to name a few.

Qurious is also known for her own “Pearl of Wisdom” on her website, offering insight to those who are open to receive. Over the journey of her career, Qurious has largely attributed her success to those who helped her get to where she is developing relationships along the way. Life was like a rollercoaster ride full of uncertainties for Qurious with many twists and turns but never letting go only to embrace the unexpected which manifested success in her latter days. Qurious aims to continue on her assigned journey and hope that one day, she’ll be experienced by those all around the world. Qurious saying is: look like that money; talk like that money; walk that that money and for sure smell that money. Qurious isn’t concerned about anything because there are no more blue prints, for she is the original OG moving through the universe; living her best life in abundance from the Great I AM.

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