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Luis Salavarria

Title: (1) Senior Partner and Co-Founder; (2) Senior Managing Partner
Company: (1) American Asset Legacy; (2) Love Texas Properties
Location: Houston, Texas, United States

Luis Salavarria, Senior Partner and Co-Founder of American Asset Legacy, and Senior Managing Partner of Love Texas Properties, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in real estate.

Since 2018, Mr. Salavarria has excelled as the senior partner and co-founder of American Asset Legacy in Houston, Texas. The company focuses on helping clients invest in real estate on a passive basis by sourcing and finding cash-flowing multifamily property deals. Since 2015, Mr. Salavarria has been the senior managing partner of Love Texas Properties. Prior to his current endeavors in real estate, he worked as an electrical engineer in Venezuela.

In preparation for his career, Mr. Salavarria attended the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom, graduating in 1999 with a master’s degree in engineering in electrical and electronics engineering. To keep abreast of his field, he is a member of Grant Cardone’s Real Estate Club, the JT Foxx Investors Network Group, and the Platinum Inner Circle with the KC Eberhardt Business Group. Mr. Salavarria attributes his success to his grit and education. He is proud to have leveraged his aptitude for business to build a life for himself and his family. In the coming years, he hopes to invest in 1000 apartments and give his children a foundation in financial education.

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