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Nathalie Brooks

Title: Owner
Company: Nathalie Interiors LLC
Location: Vienna, Virginia, United States 

Nathalie Brooks, the company owner at Nathalie Interiors LLC, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in designing home interiors.

With more than 15 years of expertise in the field of spatial planning, Ms. Brooks believes that it is important that potential clients and the public at large understand the focus of her work—designing the physical interiors of homes, as opposed to decorating them. As she steadily builds Nathalie Interiors LLC while designing mostly in the morning and at night, she plans to revolutionize the building industry with her unique and proven business models by franchising her company and selling it within the coming years.

Ms. Brooks is in the process of building a center for designers in her profession with the ultimate goal of operning a design center in every major city where she can attract, employ, and mentor designers, help establish them as business owners, give them access to homebuilders, and allow them to retain 80 percent of the income they earn. She is also dedicated to creating a network of women designers in the industry who work from home so they can offer and share information, support, and best practices. While growing her business and designing are most important to her professionally, she takes the most pride in her son and daughter and being their mother.

Ms. Brooks became more committed to the industry and confident as an entrepreneur after building kitchens years ago with boutique home builders at an ambassador’s home and was surprised that virtually no spatial planning was being provided in the marketplace to custom home builders, thus she decided to bridge the gap and service them. Creating a thriving, lifelong niche for herself, she attributes her success so far to her creativity, thinking outside of convention, positive attitude, never quitting, releasing grudges, and never being afraid to ask questions. She is grateful to her mentors who hired her early in her career and supported her when she launched her own business. One mentor and financial investor in Nathalie Interiors LLC even flew her out of the country and arranged for her to tour factories where she had the opportunity to select and purchase special materials.

Previously, Ms. Brooks was a project manager, lead designer, and partner at BB Design Co., a senior executive designer at the Kitchen and Bath Design Center, and the kitchen and bath designer turned lead designer at the USA Cabinet Store. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in fine and studio art from the Ontario College of Art & Design University and a diploma in design and applied arts from the International Academy of Design and Technology. Ms. Brooks’ multifaceted, international education also includes coursework completed in Italy in the culinary arts, chef training, and architectural design. 

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