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Darrell Mullis

Title: Owner and Chief Executive Officer
Company: MetaMark Learning
Location: Broomfield, Colorado, United States

Darrell Mullis, owner and chief executive officer at MetaMark Learning, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in finance.

With over three decades of experience in finance and consulting, Mr. Mullis has distinguished himself as the owner and chief executive officer of MetaMark Learning, formerly Stratactics LLC. MetaMark Learning provides training programs that teach non-financial professionals how to read financial statements and use them as strategic decision-making tools. In this role, he teaches over 70 classes annually, specializing in three programs: Mastery of Financial Statements, Financial Analysis and Decision Making, and Creating a Cultural and Personal Responsibility. In a consulting capacity, he focuses on the analysis of companies’ performance and offers strategies for improvement. Prior to this role, he served in a similar capacity as chief executive officer of the private financial services consulting and financing company, Stratactics LLC. The company offered training programs in finance for non-financial professionals and communication for staff managers and executives. 

From 1988 to 2001, Mr. Mullis held the position of master trainer of Educational Discoveries Inc. The training company owned and delivered The Accounting Game seminar, based on his acclaimed book, “The Accounting Game: Learn the Basics of Financial Accounting – As Easy as Running a Lemonade Stand (Basics for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners),” which provides clear, easy-to-understand explanations of key financial accounting basics. Other programs included The Designing Game, Secrets of Powerful Presentations, and custom-designed programs for corporate clients. In this role, developed, led, and trained employees to lead all of the company’s programs. Before entering the financial and consulting realms, he was the owner and chief executive officer of Concord Construction Company Inc., a general contractor in the Burlington, Vermont area that built and renovated homes, offices, and industrial facilities. 

Throughout the duration of your career, what was the one highlight that stood out the most?: Mr. Mullis has achieved many milestones throughout his career, but one of his most notable achievements was being recognized as a Vistage Top Performer and earning the distinction of being one of the highest-rated instructors. This is a testament to his exceptional skills and expertise in his field, and it highlights his commitment to delivering exceptional results to his clients and students.

A notable highlight in Mr. Mullis’s career was his involvement in the construction of the first Ben and Jerry’s store in Burlington, Vermont. He also achieved recognition as a Top Performer and one of the highest-rated instructors at Vistage, a chief executive officer mentoring program. Outside of his professional endeavors, he is involved with the ManKind Project, a global network of nonprofit organizations operating in over 23 nations, offering programs that support men through various life stages. Prior to these accomplishments, He laid the foundation for his career with a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering from North Carolina State University, earned in 1969.

Mr. Mullis attributes his success to his unwavering passion for his profession, emphasizing that his enthusiasm for the work he does fuels his drive to excel. Furthermore, he has recently submitted an application for non-profit status for his new venture, The Spaceship Earth Fund, which aims to raise funds and gain the support of corporations and individuals to take greater responsibility for their carbon footprint. With a goal to achieve net-zero emissions and address the pressing issues related to climate change, Mr. Mullis believes that relying solely on funding from businesses and government is insufficient, and he is eager to provide an opportunity for others to come forward and contribute towards creating a safe environment for all humans in the next several decades through The Spaceship Earth Fund.

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