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Stacy B. Stubbs

Title: Owner
Company: Inspired Tool Design, LLC
Location: Hildale, Utah, United States

Stacy B. Stubbs, Owner at Inspired Tool Design, LLC, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in appliance innovation and business administration.

With years of experience to his credit, Mr. Stubbs has excelled as the owner of Inspired Tool Design, LLC, through which he invented the acclaimed tool, the Sticker Burr Roller. Having worked in the construction industry as a general contractor for many years, he was always driven by his creativity, which collided with his expertise after moving into a home with a major sticker burr problem in their yard. As he entertained a number of potential removal solutions, he eventually invented the Sticker Burr Roller, which would pick up and dispose of sticker burrs and could be mass-produced. Having had his patent approved soon thereafter, Mr. Stubbs has made over $1 million in sales following the release of the Sticker Burr Roller in 2022.

Outside of his primary professional responsibilities, Mr. Stubbs has been incredibly dedicated to his community, volunteering to clean children’s playgrounds with the Sticker Burr Roller and contributing to various community service projects from Hawaii to Costa Rica. Grateful to provide people with the freedom to enjoy their yards and gardens without being inflicted with the pain of sticker burrs, he attributes his success to his extraordinary ability to develop practical solutions to issues that had been unsolved for years. He is incredibly proud of creating the Sticker Burr Roller, which was subsequently featured in a local magazine, as well as his sobriety after recovering from addiction and alcoholism. Looking toward the future, Mr. Stubbs hopes to connect, inspire and encourage others in a positive way so they may follow their dreams and have the happiest lives possible.

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