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Alfrednett Kendrick-Atkinson


Title: 1) Owner; 2) Distributor
Company: 1) Holiday Sales, LLC; 2) Valentus
Location: Jackson, Mississippi, United States

Alfrednett Kendrick-Atkinson, Owner at Holiday Sales, LLC has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in health and wellness.

Since her youth, Ms. Kendrick-Atkinson has always loved people, as she has a special ability to connect with them and wish for their growth and health. With these innate skills, she excels as the owner of Holiday Sales, LLC and as a health and wellness advocate with Grace and Mercy Care Taking. In these roles, she sells hand sanitizers, minerals, multivitamins and CBD products, alongside her dutiful tasks in community outreach and prayer with local churches and nonprofit organizations. She is additionally active as a distributor with Valentus. A Melaleuca Representative who can be contacted at 601-331-8055, Ms. Kendrick-Atkinson’s motto is, “There are no big I’s and little you’s – we must do as much as we can to help one another.”

Backed by a degree in business from Jackson State University from 1973, Ms. Kendrick-Atkinson has been the recipient of various awards and accolades. Notably, she was granted a Community Award from the Forestry Commission in 2019, along with awards from Care for Kids in 2018 and the Arbor Day Foundation in 2020. She has also received lifetime induction into the National Library of Poetry and International Library of Poetry. Ms. Kendrick-Atkinson attributes her success to surrounding herself with encouraging people and to her parents for teaching her the beauty of kindness and service. With this sentiment, she cites her career highlight has been working with children through her outreach ministry, in which she encourages and guides them in their church school, civic, personal and professional lives. In the coming years, Ms. Kendrick-Atkinson aims to continue advocating for health and wellness and being the best possible version of herself.

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